Superior food products, due to their quality features and compliance with national standards, have received the national standard mark of Iran for a large number of their products.

 In 1378, the best food products were awarded the golden star quality mark at the 24th International Assembly of BID Company in Geneva, Switzerland.

 Also, in the past years, this company has been selected as the best producer and exporter of the central province every year.

Being selected as the top national cooperative by the Ministry of Cooperatives in 2014 and receiving the award of excellent management in the food industry and the certificate of the first choice of customers from Germany in 2015 are among other honors of the top group.

Top food products have received ISO22000:2005 – ISO9001:2015 – HACCP standards in the field of “types of canned meat and non-meat products, pickles and jams, syrups, vinegar and water, honey, date and grape juices, curd, and oil “Zeitoun” is from TUV NORD company from Germany.