introduction of a company

Navidkaran Production Cooperative Company, a producer of superior food products, was established in 1993 and officially started its production in 1999. The products of Navidkaran company, under the brand name “Bartar”, are produced in the company’s factory by the most equipped packaging machines and in the form of a completely hygienic and advanced process in different departments.

One of the characteristics of Bartar food products is the supply of a complete basket of consumer goods under one brand name. Currently, more than 500 different products are offered under the top brand, and this has made top brand the owner of the largest and most diverse food basket with one brand in the country. Paying attention to customer needs and increasing the quantitative variety of products is not the only top goal in these years, and Bartar food products, due to having quality features and conforming to national standards, have succeeded in receiving the national standard mark of Iran for a large number of their products.In 1378, the Bartar food products were awarded the Golden Star of Quality at the 24th International Assembly of BID Company in Geneva, Switzerland. Also, in the past years, this company has been selected as the best producer and sample exporter of the central province

The selection as the top national cooperative by the Ministry of Cooperatives in 2014 and the badge of Saramad management in the food industry and the certificate of the first choice of customers from Germany in 2014 are among the other honors of the Bartar collection.

Food quality and health management policy

Navidkaran Production Cooperative Company (Berter 2) in the field of production and formulation of canned meat and non-meat products, pickles, jams, syrups, curds and packaging of vinegar, abhora, lemon juice, honey, date juice, grape juice and olive oil with the best brand in the province The center is active by recognizing the implicit needs and offering healthier, newer products that match the tastes of consumers.

This company is proud to use the approach of sustainable development and production of healthy, healthy products, with high nutritional value and high quality in accordance with international standards in Iran and export target markets, taking into account the health of the society and taking advantage of the world’s technical knowledge and with attention to the current and future needs of the beneficiaries and benefiting from specialized, committed, innovative and creative human resources by establishing communication with the stakeholders, improving the level of awareness and training of personnel, complying with GMP principles, products with appropriate quality and safety in order to meet the needs as best as possible produce beneficiaries.

For this purpose and in order to better achieve this goal and according to the context of the organization, while implementing ISO9001:2015 and ISO22000:2018 standards in line with the quality and safety goals of the organization and with the information, cooperation and participation of all stakeholders, the organization is required to comply with He knows the following principles.

  1. Improving the level of quality, safety and health of products
  2. Efforts to increase the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders
  3. Optimum use of the organization’s resources and infrastructure to reduce waste and costs

    Definitely, the realization of these things can be achieved by determining the appropriate strategy, planning effective goals and implementing written programs, cooperation and participation of personnel.


    Therefore, Navidkaran Production Cooperative Company (Bartar 2) supports the above activities while participating and holding meetings with managers and reviewing audit results and performance management, and on behalf of the employees and managers, I am committed to fulfilling the provisions of this policy.

Factory No. 1

This factory was established in 1375 in a land area of ​​5400 square meters and 3500 meters under the building and has halls for the production of nuts and dried fruits, beans and grains, spices and seasonings, salt, flour and cake and jelly powder, dried vegetables, It is sugar and candies, tea, coffee and saffron.

This factory is equipped with a variety of granule and powder packaging machines, vacuum and vacuum flood packaging machines, nut salting and dry fruit processing machines, a full line of pulses and hand-rolling beans and grains, and an industrial grinding machine to ensure the purity of powder items.

Factory No. 2

The second phase of the top factories development project was built in 2014 with an investment of 60 billion Rials on a land of 2,500 square meters and was put into operation after eighteen months.


At present, in this factory, all kinds of canned products, pickles and pickles, jams, syrups, olives and olive oil, vinegar, watercress, curd, etc. are produced and marketed using the most equipped machines.

In this factory, international standards including ISO22000:2005 – ISO9001:2015 – HACCP and the most advanced industrial and production technology and water and industrial waste water treatment systems have been used in order to pay attention to environmental issues and provide superior quality products with the aim of exporting to Markets abroad are produced.

At present, factory number 2, using equipped machines and modern technology, meets all the needs of the top group and has the possibility of producing products for other companies using its excess capacity.